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If think to wear some thing , logically, comfort should be always ranks fast, Anyway , now a day men and woman both intenst to a contact lens. because  it is easy , comfortable , and low demand. contact lensse  are  usually available in three forms:

1. Daily (use for one day),
2. Monthlies (use for one month) & 
3. Yearlies (use for one year).

Dailies are not widely available in Bangladesh & although the yearlies are cheaper, the monthly contact lenses are recommended. when  you wear , you should be ensure  that , your hand and face is oil and dirt free. then dried properly , lenses are usually submerged in solution with a slightly different PH balance then that of water , thus its inadvisable to handle contact lens with wet hands. For those who use eye make-up , care should be taken no powdery residue enters the eye.Also users should be ensure that thy have no irritation or allergic reactions.fingernails, contrary to popular belief , and not to long and sharp. this will help above scratching or ex- teaching them. To  ''CLEAN" the lens it should be placed gently on the palm and rubbed with lens saline disinfectant solution, to remove any lodged residue.

If you want to use it , again, you should be submerged into saline or disinfectant solution ,ideally overnight.lens should not be wear for extended prides of time.
we should remain that "pain is the price which we pay for beauty" does not necessarily have to apply to contact lenses . so with proper hygiene and care we should not be taken to rush.....

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