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Home remedies of herbal for ENT disorders

ENT stands for ear nose and throat . these parts can be affected by common condition as they are related to one another . An ENT specialist specializes in the disorders affecting the three areas as well as other related forms of illnesses. the fact that these parts are closely related to one another has made then have a link in terms of the problems they suffer from. Anyway ,there are many remedies around us ,if we know about this we can save ourselves from those illnesses .

Garlic as home remedies:
Garlic has allicin which is a natural antibiotic .it also has antibiotic. it also has anti-bacterial properties thereby working very well in dealing with ENT disorders occurring as a result of bacterial infections . this is one of the finest natural remedies for ENT disorders  as it has provided be effective in dealing with most conditions.

using Garlic as treatment for ENT disorders:
Patients suffering from bacterial infections should make a point of sucking the raw cloves of garlic frequently during the day . this helps in keeping the throat free from bacteria & speeding up the healing process.
The cloves can also be added to meals or salads while raw is diet for the disorders.

thyme as home remedy for ENT disorders Properties:
thyme has soothing and healing properties found to be very effective in dealing with most cases of ENT disorders. it is especially helpful in the management of coughs, mucus discharge, swelling and pain all of which are symptoms of the different conditions.

Using thymus as Treatment for ENT disorders:
The herb should be added to hot water and allowed to boil for several minutes before it is strained and taken as treatment. To get the best result, patients are advised to take the remedy while still hot especially when dealing with mucus accumulation . this should be taken at least two times daily till the condition improves.
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