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Strawberry breakfast & Grilled chicken salad

If you ask,the most impotent meal of a day , the breakfast is classified in fast place, but many of us who are working with  busy  schedules tend to miss it. mainly ,because we don't fancy sitting down to an oily and calorie  loaded banquet or we don't interest to completely  bland cereals either. Anyway, strawberry  don't have to simply be limited to being healthy breakfast, it can also play a vital role in shaping  up your perfect lunch. hare the simply steps to make a strawberry breakfast & grilled chicken salad, and it can be done in less then 20 or 30 minutes...!!!

Fill a medium bowl halfway with yoghurt. cut strawberries into medium size pieces and fill the remaining half of the bowl , then chill overnight. in the morning sprinkle a handful of musli, or  cornflakes over your bowl or voila. your BREAKFAST is ready to eat ..!!!

1. slice two chicken breast (boneless)
2. cover with marinade & leave in a coved dish in the refrigerator overnight.
3. before grill , take it out half hour for the returning room temperate.

4. after grilling, in the separate dish, mix chopped strawberries, shredded spinach, lettuce, sweet corn, finely sliced onion, & any other preferable salad ingredients. CARE must be taken to ensure that the ingredients do not clash with each other.

5. finely all other ingredients, chicken , solt and pepper to test and mix well , then ready to serve..!!!

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