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mud cake in chocolate

For those who go absolutely crazy when it comes to chocolate , chocolate mud cake is the ultimate treat! Be it a mere dessert or a special birthday cake - a mud cake will surely make a popular among your family and friends.Below is an easy recipe of one of the most scrumptious, chocolaty delights; make it , and enjoy the delicious experience!!

preparation time : 30 minutes & cooking time: 1.5-2 hours .

1. 250g butter , chopped
2. 200g dark chocolate
3. 2 cups caster sugar
4. 11/3  cups water
5.1tsp instant coffee (table spoon )
6. 3/4  cup plan flour
7. 1/4  cup coco/ cocoa powder
8. 3/4  cup self-raising flour &
9. 3 eggs, lightly beaten .

For Ganache:
 1. 150g dark  chocolate
 2. 1/2  cup cream

1. pre-heat the oven at 150 c.
2. In a large saucepan , add the fast five ingredients.
3. Melt together over low heat until sugar is dissolved and butter and  chocolate are melted . Allow the mixture to cool for ten minutes .
4. sift plain flour , self-raising flour and cocoa into a large mixing bowl.
5. Add cooled mixture to the bowl and beat gently.
6. Add the eggs, and beat gently .Don't worry if the butter looks a little runny.
7. Take a medium-sized cake pan and grease the base and sides with butter. pour the butter into a pan and bake at 150c  for two hour s . some oven might take 1.5 hours , so keep checking the cake.
8. prepare ganache by placing the chocolate and cream in a saucepan over very low heat . stir frequently; take the pot down when the chocolate has just melted and mixture is smooth . Allow the ganache to cool slightly.
9. When the ganavhe has cooled off to a spreadable consistency, spread it over the cake using flat-bladed knife .put the cake in the refrigerator, take it out after a few hours , and you're good to go !! Tastes amazing with ice-cream.


**NOTE: In case you can't get hands on self-raising flour, you can make it on your kitchen!! just take the plain flour in a bowl, add some baking powder and whisk the mixture . You add two tea spoons of baking powder to each cup plain flour.**       

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